Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dead Sea Mud Mask Review / Argan Oil Hair Mask

I've been using the InstaNatural Dead Sea Mud Mask as a treatment on my skin for a couple weeks now, and it dose work. However it is a little runny I like more of a thicker consistency. It dose not have any bad smells like other mud masks however I do like the smell of other dead sea mud masks I know I am kind of wired like that. My daughter love this dead sea mud mask they prefer it to most other ones my youngest daughter is 12 years old and has used it with no side affects at all. I like that because that means we can do our mother daughter spa nights lol  
The Dead Sea Mud Mask comes packed with skin nourishing ingredients to not only pull out toxins and oil in your skin, but to leave it hydrated and soft 
What are the ingredients you ask well 
The Dead Sea Mud: Will act like a protective cover for your skin, it will allow blood flow to increase and your skin will get much warmer, you may notice a rosy glow after removing this mask which is great, once the redness goes down your skin will be bright and radiant. The mud will pull out oils and toxins from your skin leaving it much more healthy.
you can use this up to twice a week!

 InstaNatural  Argan Oil Hair Mask This product done wonders for my hair after just one use I seen my hair go from dull damaged hair to soft shinny hair my hair looked so good the best part is this product has a wonderful scent that seemed to stay in my hair all day I just love this product I highly recommend it you won't disappointed. I recently colored my hair and as we all know it makes your hair feel like straw I have been using this product on my twice a week and my hair feels better than ever and the color still looks amazing 

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