Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Francois et Mimi Hammock Two-Tier Fruit Bowl Review

The Francois et Mimi Hammock Two-Tier Fruit Bowl is a great product this fruit basket is very well made its Approximately 14.5" assembled height it has an Elegant Chrome Finish the baskets are easy to slip on and off which makes it easy to clean.  The Francois et Mimi Hammock Two-Tier Fruit Bowl will fit into any kitchen decor it would also be a nice gift . You can use it for fruits ,veggies, cereal bars , snack bars , small bags of chips pretty much what ever you want to put in you can its not very large so if you have limited counter space it will not take up much room if you would like to but this product you can do by clicking the link below 

Good Stuff Glow Stick Bracelets - 100 Bracelets Review

Good Stuff Glow Stick Bracelets while you get 100 Bracelets you will waste a lot more than you use I found they are prone to leaking they get cracks in them during the process of snapping them and then you end up with glowing spot and drips all over your furniture, kids pets ect..... and while the kids love the fact they can glow it is not safe for the skin my kids ended up with rashes from the liquid inside I do not recommend that young kids use these alone. They are good for making decorations you can use them for pretty much any party or celebration you may want to use them for use care when snapping them and make sure to do it over newspaper that way if they do leak it is easy to clean up if you want to buy them you may do so by clicking the link below


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Upper Desk Cabinet/Shelf Mount Review.

This Is a handy little product from Upper Desk It fits most Cabinets however it did not fit mine. but I was able to find a way to use it I just use it on a wall shelf  or book case problem solved it is very well made and very sturdy simple to use and set up it really just takes a minute. one you have it secured it wont move till you move it so no worries about it falling and breaking your tablet it is a great little product I highly recommend this product  it will make a great gift and it is great for kids to use as well if you would like to but this product you can do so by clicking the link below

If you would like to see there full range of products or learn more about the company  you can do by clicking the link below 
Upper Desk

La Beatue Pure 10 White CHINESE LANTERNS with free E-book Review

La Beatue Pure 10 White CHINESE LANTERNS these are perfect for pretty much anything they make great lighting for an out door party or if you want to add One or Two to a room for some soft lighting they make great Christmas decorations you can do so much with you get Ten paper Lanterns for $9.99  that is not bad at all plus you get a free E-Book with your purchase I am not one for E-Books but it is a nice little extra. The lanterns do not come assembled you have to do that yourself its not hard once you figure it out  you do have to be careful the paper is thin and will rip easily once you have the put together you can use any color string light you would like to you could even make them multi colored. I would not use candles with them unless they are the flamless kind since these are paper they will catch fire  all and all they really are a great way to add some style to a party or just to a room or Two and you can make some cute Christmas decoration with them. I highly recommend this product if you would like to buy this product you can do so by clicking the link below 

La Beatue Chinese paper Lanterns

Microfiber Wholesale Ultra Plush Microfiber Towels - 3 Sizes Review.

Microfiber Wholesale Microfiber Towels are wonderful I was given Three different sizes to review. Okay lets start with they are really soft and plush really they are work horses the first size I used was the 16x24 Blue Ultra Plush Microfiber Towels - 3 Pack these are great you can use them in so many ways from drying off a pet to drying your own hair to moping a floor.  I used it for drying dishes and it works wonderful for that I love it but the uses for this size are endless. the next size I used was the 24x36 again the uses for this size are endless this one is great to dry your hair or even your body but I used it to mop my floors and it worked wonderful if you use a cotton string mop or a sponge mop you know you always have to re sweep your floors I didn't have to with this but again they can be used for many different this this is just what I used it for. the next sized I used was the 16x16 this is perfect for every day cleaning or dusting it grabs all the dirt and dust it just wonderful but again the uses are endless this is just How I used it now that I have told you the sizes and some of the uses lets talk about the product they are AMAZING and WONDERFUL they absorb so much water if you spill something you have to use what 2 paper towels well you only need one of these it sucks up liquids and then you just rinse it and wipe the area down no sticky mess they are pretty easy to care for wash them on the gentle cycle and air dry I hand wash mine but that just me. There really is no way you could not use these they are great for just about anything and if you know someone who thinks of his or her car as their baby these would make a great gift for them. I use mine for cleaning my home. the one down side is that you have to purchase all the sizes individually. for the 24x36 when you purchase it you get Two towels 
for the 16x24 when you purchase it you get Three towels and for the 16x16 you Five Towels the prices are not bad at all the 24x36 cost you 19.98 for a Two pack the 16x24 cost you 14.98 for a Three pack and the 16x16 cost you 14.98 for a Five Pack the 24x36 and 16x16 you can get in either Blue or Yellow the 16x24 only comes in Blue they really are a great value well worth the money If you would like to buy any of these just click the links below 

24x36 Microfiber Towels

 16x24 Microfiber Towels 

16x16 Microfiber Towels

24x36 close up


16x24 Close Up


16x16 Close Up 

Body Merry Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Cream Review

If you know anything about Body Merry then you know how wonderful all their products really are well Once again Body Merry has done it they have made a FABULOUS product their Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Cream is FABULOUS I just love it I have been using this product for Three months now and any scars or stretch marks I had are almost gone if you have deep stretch marks like me then it will take some time but it is so worth it. My 12 year old daughter has also used it on some of her scars and you can not even tell she had any that is one of the great things about Body Merry products that I love they really do work and they are safe for my daughter to use 
I love their product. Body Merry Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Cream is thick and creamy  and smells wonderful it leaves your skin so soft and it dose not leave a sticky greasy residue on your skin it just leaves it soft and silky I really love Body Merry products they by far are the best and they really got it right with their Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Cream I have not had a product work so well its just amazing and best of all its Organic and all Natural you can not beat that. it is safe to use during pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks plus its a great way to get a little belly massages from the hubby *wink wink * You really should give it a try you will not be disappointed I know am not I highly recommend this product in fact I recommend all their products so go give them a try the best part is Body Merry offers a 90 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all their  products. If you do not like this cream, just contact them  and get a full refund and there is  No need to return the bottle. what more could you ask for. if you would like to buy this product you can do so by clicking the link below 
Body Merry Stretch Mark and Scar Cream

PEVA Shower Curatin Liner Review

The Peva Shower Curtain is one of the best shower curtain liners that I have seen or used in a long time. I have had it hanging now for Three months now . I have yet to see any mold appearing like it does on other shower curtain liners that I have owned. This Peva Shower Liner works very well. I am so happy that the magnetic weights they work so well. I always seem to be fighting my shower curtain trying to attack me. This one keeps to itself. Does not stick on me like other liners have. I just hate that when it happens. I also loved it when I opened it up and the smell didn't knock me down. So many liners, I must say all I have bought in the last few years to me had a horrible smell. The Peva dose not and I am guessing  because it is made of PVC-Free Environmentally-Friendly, 100% PEVA Odorless, Mold & Mildew Resistant, Chlorine-Free. I am very satisfied with this Peva Shower Liner. This is a great shower curtain liner. he Peva Shower Liner will be my shower curtain liner from now on. It is made of Heavy Duty 10-Gauge Vinyl and that's a plus. It is also Reinforced with rust proof Metal Grommets. Which for me is a plus because my family is hard on shower curtain and shower curtain liners so I love the fact that is is heavy duty. It will last you for years. I really like the fact that it is odor free and to this day there is still no odor. The Peva Shower Liner is also 72″ by 72″ in size which was perfect for my bathroom. The magnets are also encased which I am guessing is why they won't rust. This liner is really easy to wipe clean. I couldn't be happier. It also comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked. You can't beat that deal. I would suggest to anyone to try this Peva Shower Liner out. You shouldn't be disappointed. I certainly am not. I highly recommend this product if your looking for a shower curtain liner that will last you a very long time than this one is for you and if you have a family that is rough and tough on things than you need this shower curtain liner .I also like the fact that is clear my bathroom can tend to be a little dark so I love the fact that sunlight can still get through it. really folks you will not be disappointed 

Tip: if you have a smaller shower all you need to is fold it over as much as you need to put in on the shower curtain hooks and your good to go 

If you would like to buy this product you can do so buy clicking the link below 
Peva Shower Curtain Liner  

Dead Sea Mud Mask Review / Argan Oil Hair Mask

I've been using the InstaNatural Dead Sea Mud Mask as a treatment on my skin for a couple weeks now, and it dose work. However it is a little runny I like more of a thicker consistency. It dose not have any bad smells like other mud masks however I do like the smell of other dead sea mud masks I know I am kind of wired like that. My daughter love this dead sea mud mask they prefer it to most other ones my youngest daughter is 12 years old and has used it with no side affects at all. I like that because that means we can do our mother daughter spa nights lol  
The Dead Sea Mud Mask comes packed with skin nourishing ingredients to not only pull out toxins and oil in your skin, but to leave it hydrated and soft 
What are the ingredients you ask well 
The Dead Sea Mud: Will act like a protective cover for your skin, it will allow blood flow to increase and your skin will get much warmer, you may notice a rosy glow after removing this mask which is great, once the redness goes down your skin will be bright and radiant. The mud will pull out oils and toxins from your skin leaving it much more healthy.
you can use this up to twice a week!

 InstaNatural  Argan Oil Hair Mask This product done wonders for my hair after just one use I seen my hair go from dull damaged hair to soft shinny hair my hair looked so good the best part is this product has a wonderful scent that seemed to stay in my hair all day I just love this product I highly recommend it you won't disappointed. I recently colored my hair and as we all know it makes your hair feel like straw I have been using this product on my twice a week and my hair feels better than ever and the color still looks amazing 

If you would like to buy either of these products you can do so by clicking the links below