Tuesday, January 13, 2015

PEVA Shower Curatin Liner Review

The Peva Shower Curtain is one of the best shower curtain liners that I have seen or used in a long time. I have had it hanging now for Three months now . I have yet to see any mold appearing like it does on other shower curtain liners that I have owned. This Peva Shower Liner works very well. I am so happy that the magnetic weights they work so well. I always seem to be fighting my shower curtain trying to attack me. This one keeps to itself. Does not stick on me like other liners have. I just hate that when it happens. I also loved it when I opened it up and the smell didn't knock me down. So many liners, I must say all I have bought in the last few years to me had a horrible smell. The Peva dose not and I am guessing  because it is made of PVC-Free Environmentally-Friendly, 100% PEVA Odorless, Mold & Mildew Resistant, Chlorine-Free. I am very satisfied with this Peva Shower Liner. This is a great shower curtain liner. he Peva Shower Liner will be my shower curtain liner from now on. It is made of Heavy Duty 10-Gauge Vinyl and that's a plus. It is also Reinforced with rust proof Metal Grommets. Which for me is a plus because my family is hard on shower curtain and shower curtain liners so I love the fact that is is heavy duty. It will last you for years. I really like the fact that it is odor free and to this day there is still no odor. The Peva Shower Liner is also 72″ by 72″ in size which was perfect for my bathroom. The magnets are also encased which I am guessing is why they won't rust. This liner is really easy to wipe clean. I couldn't be happier. It also comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked. You can't beat that deal. I would suggest to anyone to try this Peva Shower Liner out. You shouldn't be disappointed. I certainly am not. I highly recommend this product if your looking for a shower curtain liner that will last you a very long time than this one is for you and if you have a family that is rough and tough on things than you need this shower curtain liner .I also like the fact that is clear my bathroom can tend to be a little dark so I love the fact that sunlight can still get through it. really folks you will not be disappointed 

Tip: if you have a smaller shower all you need to is fold it over as much as you need to put in on the shower curtain hooks and your good to go 

If you would like to buy this product you can do so buy clicking the link below 
Peva Shower Curtain Liner  

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