Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Frazoni Non-stick Silicone Baking Mat Review

My Dear dear Friends lets talk about baking shall we how many times have you made beautiful cookies or chocolate covered strawberries or whatever it is that you made that just came out beautifully then you go to remove it from the wax paper or parchment paper or even the non stick baking sheet and it stuck to it so we start the spatula shimmy shuffle and we are working all around and slowly and carefully working under the baked good right ladies and gents only to have our beautiful creations fall apart and then we have to start all our hard work all over again so we think their has got to be a better way right so we go out and buy product after product silicone mat after silicone mat right now I know what your thinking Tabitha all silicone mats are the same No their not silicone baking mats come in all shapes and sizes but most are all the same thickness and you can't really do much else with them other than bake with them Right ? well my friends let me tell you about the Frazoni Non-stick Silicone Baking Mat it is a great size its 11 1/32" x 16 17/32" (28x42cm) or they have half sizes that are (18" x 13") you can Bake with the Frazoni Non-stick Silicone Baking Mat ,you can Microwave with it ,you can put it in the fridge and use it in the freezer pretty awesome right you it can be used in temps of -40°F to 480°F (-40°C to 250°C). you can even use it as a grill cover for smaller food on the grill (what guy dose not like to grill ) can also roll out all kinds of dough on it but my friends it not just for baked goods you can cook food on it to any kind of food you would put on a baking sheet or baking pan can be cook on the Frazoni Non-stick Silicone Baking Mat now that is awesome right ? It has a double silicone layer how nice is that right ? It can also be used as a working surface for rolling dough, preparing candy, or chocolate. This really is a multi use baking mat and with Christmas right around the corner it would make a great gift. The Frazoni Non-stick Silicone Baking Mat comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! pretty sweet right ? Clean up is a breeze just run under hot water you can use a little dish soap if you need it dry with a towel or let it air dry it has a nice thickness to it and its sturdy it is also pretty flexible so you could store it pretty much any where but I keep mine out in the open it is just so pretty. If you would like to buy this product you can do so by clicking on the Amazon Image here
   Below you will find pictures of the product also there will be a giveaway how sweet is that so head over to my give away tab where you will find the rules and the giveaway this post is little long so I wont make it longer by putting the giveaway here go to my giveaway page it will be there

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Solid Cordz 4K HDMI Cable Ultra Premium Series Review

When I got these cables I noticed right away the quality of these cables. The cable itself is thick and very durable. Both being a plus and making me wonder if the appearance being superior to the 'regular' cables were a clue to the quality of the performance of this golden cable?
Well, the answer is yes  the quality is indeed more superior than any other cable I have used! I was so impressed I noticed right away when I put on my TV the picture quality was so much better and a lot clearer I have one in my living room and one in my bedroom. They are 6 feet long now that gives you plenty of room to reach where ever you want to. I just love these cables and if you have a tech kind of person in your family or you know someone who is or maybe you just want to give some one a great gift these cables are it they would make great gifts for Birthdays , Christmas or Father's Day. If you would like to buy this product you can do so by clicking the Amazon image here 

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InstaNatural Stretch Mark & Scar Cream Review.

Ok ladies lets talk Stretch Marks I imagine most of us if not all of have stretch marks wither it be from gaining weight or pregnancy I know I got stretch marks with of my 3 pregnancy and with each pregnancy they seemed to get worse so  I wanted to try InstaNatural Stretch Mark & Scar Cream it has natural ingredients such as Vitamin C, Cocoa Butter, Rosehip Oil, & Mango Butter and I like to use as many natural products as I can. This cream has a great scent its soft on the skin not itchy I have sensitive skin this product did not make me break out in itch this was soothing to my skin InstaNatural has a great line of products I have yet to have a problem with one of their products and their Stretch mark & Scar cream is no different. I have noticed some change it is not an overnight miracle but I have seen some signs of change which it is working. I do apply the cream day and night for an accurate result that is just what works for me it might be different for you. Just use it and figure out what way works best for you. My Twelve year old Daughter has some Stretch marks on her arms and legs she also has some scars on her forehead and arm so since it is a natural product I felt safe letting her try it and she loves it her scars are almost gone and her stretch marks are hardly noticeable. This is an all around great product. If you would like to buy this product you can do so by clicking on the amazon image here

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Bamboo Shopping Board Set Review

I was really shocked By These boards when they came in. First let me just say they are huge , I want you to picture in your mind how big you think these are, then add like 6-6 1/2 inches. Seriously the largest board in this set is really HUGE! The largest board is really is nice  it will be great for preparing a holiday turkey or something monstrous like that!. The smallest cutting board is a nice size its perfect for cutting fruit , veggies or any small job you need done 

 They both I would say are about an inch or so thick! So, these really are the bulkiest cutting boards I have yet to own myself! That's nice because I don't have to worry about them breaking!

They are "bamboo" and they really are very smooth and soft no rough spots, These feel really nice. And it's easy to clean up! Just a note: If your thinking of submerging these in water, please don't you may warp them! The one kinda bummer was it got some of the paper sticky stuff on it, and I was a little bummed out, but honestly it took me maybe two minutes after having soaked it in Olive oil for about twenty minutes or so and then running some hot water over it! It came off like a cinch!

Overall, these are great boards! If you do a lot of cooking and you do a fair amount of chopping you will definitely appreciate the quality of these boards. I've owned one bamboo board and it was really rough and thin as well. This is neither of those things. It looks like some love went into making these boards! Seriously! They look and feel really well made! They also add a nice touch to your kitchen I keep them out on my counter and let me tell you they really stand out and make you look like a pro. They would make a great gift. If you would like to buy this product Just Click the Amazon Image here

Both Boards

Large Board

Look  At the grain detail 

No Joints And Look At the color

Look at how big it is the top is Plexiglas about the size of a standard  Cutting board the bottom is the bamboo cutting board 

Look at how thick it is the top is a one inch thick Plexiglas the bottom is the bamboo cutting board 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Old Factory Candle Gift Set Review + Giveaway.

The Old Factory Candle Gift Set is too cute I was given the opportunity to review a candle set of my choosing I chose the Fall Harvest Old Factory Candle Gift Set the scents that come in the are Pumpkin Spice , Cranberry and Autumn Leaves. the Candles are 2 oz each they are Soy Candle wax which I prefer just because Soy wax is much cleaner burning wax they also burn longer. Each Old Factory candle is hand poured right her in the USA the wick is self trimming and the candles have a burn time of 20 hours. The scent fills a room in about Five minutes there was NO soot like there are with other candles (the Paraffin Ones ) you can burn them separate to give each room a different scent or you could burn them together and create this awesome scent and feel of Fall. they make great gifts and come in a variety of scent set your really can not go wrong they even have some gift sets for men too. If you would like to buy their candles you can do so here

Ok now there will be a Giveaway and since this blog is already along one I will post the giveaway and all the rules and details in my Giveaway tab

In the box

Candle Scent 
Candle Scent 

Candle Scent 

Front and Label 

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Hyaluronic Acid Serum + 2.5% Retinol Serum Review.

 I love Body Merry’s products. Let me start with the Pro-A serum. It comes in a cute little dark bottle with a dropper. I opened it to smell it and see what it looked like. It didn't really have much of a smell if at all, which is kind of nice. It was also a nice consistency as well.,Although it is thick, it's easy to work on the skin and it's not sticky. It dried up quickly, too. The serum contains Hyaluronic Acid and Green Tea and these great ingredients together with Retinol work toward long term skin improvement while leaving skin soft and supple.
Here’s the thing about Retinol – it Works!
Body Merry’s Pro-A Serum has the maximum potency of 2.5% Retinol, which will let your skin truly sink in all the goodness and power of Vitamin A. It effectively addresses wrinkles, fine lines and spots, while also improving the overall texture and tone of your skin.The Retinol Serum is very thick in consistency. It is unscented 

 I love Body Merry’s products 
Body Merry’s Hyaluronic Dew Serum comes in a cute little glass bottle with dropper. It has a nice consistency and also has a nice scent as well. It almost smells like fresh rain, or even dew (as in the name of the serum). Like the Pro-A serum, I dropped out some in my hand and used my fingers to gently apply the serum to my face and neck. I could feel the serum working on hydrating my skin- It felt great! I let it absorb into my skin before I moved onto my normal skincare routine (moisturizer, makeup, etc.) This Hyaluronic acid leaves your skin feeling new & hydrated, giving you a youthful tones glow. You can see & feel the difference in your skin. The serum goes on smooth & absorbs right in, me personally I am in love with this serum & use it on my arms, hands, knees, elbows & feet as well for an all over spa like treatment for my skin
As we age and expose ourselves to environmental damage, our skin is depleted of its natural moisture. Body Merry’s Hyaluronic Dew Serum is an intensive hydrating formula that seeps deep into your skin and nurtures it from the core.
This product moisturizes and nourishes your skin, but also provides superior anti-aging benefits by tackling wrinkles and fine lines head on.Your skin will respond with an almost instant glow (minus the oily ‘shine’). It is the perfect anti-aging moisture rich product – formulated for all skin types, free of any potential irritants. I f you would like to visit the company website you can do so here
 If you would like to buy these products you can do so here  

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Surpahs Dual-S Body Fat Scale Review

The Surpahs Dual-S Body Fat Scale scale is great! Its Beautiful Twin-S Electrode design, Looks sleek and will fit almost any Bathroom design you may have my bathroom is just a simple one and it looks great in my bathroom. Its high tempered glass platform4 G-Sensors supports high precision body weight measurement up to 330 lb/150 kg. The mufti-function digital body fat scale provides accurate body weight measurement and tracks your body fat, your total body water, your muscle mass, your bone mass, and kcal. It hold up to 4 user profiles!!, It is 11x9.6 inches rectangle shape its high tempered glass platform and 0.90" (23mm) thickness, sleek, low-profile, modern design and its ability to monitor personal fitness levels, it is a perfect tool for any family!! I love this scale it is really really simple to use even my kids can use it. It would make a great gift for someone who was into fitness or as a house warming gift ( guys its not a gift to get your wife unless you want to sleep on the couch lol) The company has given me a coupon code for my readers here are the details

Go to  Amazon URL: add the item to your cart

enter Coupon Code: REWCUT10
Discount: $10 OFF (Regular $35.00, After Coupon Applied: $25.00
the code Expires on : 10/30/2014 11:59 PM PD

If you would like to buy this product you can do so by clicking the Amazon picture in this post   

The Following Pictures are of my Son Matthew using the scale (Thank You Matthew for your help ) and the scale in my bathroom 

The Scale in Use The weight function 

The Body Fat function

The Water Function 

The Muscle Mass Function 

The Kcal Function 

The Bone Mass Function 

In my bathroom 

The following Pictures are from the amazon website to give you a better look at the scale 

The product details 
 BIA Technology and Accurancy
With the latest 4 G-Sensors it provides high precision body weight measurement. It is enabled by the latest Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology with 4-electrode measurement to estimate the percentage of body fat, body water, and muscle & bone mass. BIA is considered reasonably accurate for measuring groups, or for tracking body composition in an individual over a period of time, but is not considered sufficiently accurate for recording of single measurements of individuals. In recent years technological improvements have made BIA a more reliable and therefore more acceptable way of measuring body composition under most conditions, as the BIA is based on body water balance, your state of hydration can impact the level of accuracy. Overall the BIA provides an inexpensive, reliable way to estimate and track body fat level.
Size: 11x9.6x0.9" / 280x245x23mm
Weight Capacity: 150 kg / 330 lb 
Weight Unit: kg /lb
Weight Graduation: 0.1 kg / 0.2 lb
Body Fat Graduation: 0.1%
Battery: 4xAAA
4 Users profile memory
Sense-ON, Auto-OFF 
Low battery indication 
Over load indication 
The company also offers a Satisfaction Guaranteed
It is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

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