Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel

I love them when life gets busy they keep my feet from hurting you are always moving they keep your feet happy . ask yourself what happens when your feet can’t keep up? People say there’s no rest for the weary, but there is relief for weary feet. Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles provide energizing support and cushioning for men and women on the move. They designed to fit your everyday shoes these insoles are made with two types of gel to double the comfort in your shoes for those with foot discomfort and absorb shock all day long. When you aren't distracted by tired, achy feet, you are able to focus on the good stuff that you love to do. Discover all that’s possible when foot discomfort isn't slowing you down. When you’re constantly on the go, discomfort can be a concern. listen we take care of our bodies right we try to eat right and exercise right if your a parent you know you are always on your feet so why not take care of them wither you on your fee all because of work or kids or whatever these insoles will make your feet feel much better my feet used to hurt all the time now they don't just give them a try and see how they work for you They doubled the comfort of my shoes they double the comfort of shoes for those with foot discomfort they feature a Dual Wave Design ,soft blue gel cushions and provides superior shock absorption, while firmer purple gel offers added support Fit comfortably in everyday shoes they come in men’s sizes 8–13 and women’s sizes 6–10 they sell for a suggested retail price of $12.99 which really is not bad at all they can be found in the foot care aisle of most drugstores, grocery stores and discount mass retailers which they are very easy to find at most stores and the best is if you do find that they don't work they offer a money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk in trying them! And the comfort doesn't end there visit to meet more of the Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel family! There are a variety of designs available for virtually any activity — whether you’re working all day, playing sports or dancing the night away. So come on give them a try and your feet will thank you for it. As always I got these for free from BzzAgent this is my honest opinion on this product. If you would like to try amazing products for free here is the link to BzzAgent just go to and sign up I am BzzAgent Southiemom02127 I hope you all have a great day and Happy Feet

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