Monday, April 29, 2013


Ok I have been using the Got2B Powder'ful hair volumizing Product that I got for free from BzzAgent as you will see in the pictures at the bottom of the page it dose give you extra volume  and yes it easy to apply you just sprinkle it into your hand and rub your hands together or you can sprinkle right onto the roots of your hair. It dose take just seconds to get volume however for me I found that it takes a while to get my hair to look good once you put it in your hair has that sloppy and you have that just got out of bed look and it was very hard for me to brush my hair I have used a lot of hair styling products and even with hair spray in my hair it was not hard to comb my hair like it was with the Got2B Hair Volumizing also it left my hair feeling dirty and when I touched my hair I felt like I had to was my hands. This is just how it was for me others may have different results it may work better for others than it did for me I do believe that if you have short hair this product would be great for you. As far as it washing out I had some people tell me it washed out easy for them for me I had to was my hair Three times to get it all out it also dried out my hands but that was easily fixed with some lotion but then I asked myself if it dries out my hands what dose it do to my hair. over all for me I will not buy this product. Yes I got this product for free I did not have to pay for it this is my honest opinion and review after trying it . As always if you would like to try great products for free then click the link and sign up to become a BzzAgent here is the link  Below you will find a before picture and an after picture. Hope you all have a wonderful day 




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