Wednesday, June 5, 2013

SkinnyGirl Cocktails Dink Mix

Drink like a lady this summer with an array of deliciously low-cal Skinnygirl Cocktails offerings. Simply open, pour and cocktail. Ok ladies it summer right and we all want a nice cold drink every now and then but we don't want the calories that come with it well here is something that just for us ladies Skinnygirl cocktails below I have listed a few of my favorites and my friends favorites. Skinnygirl is a wonderful product when I have get togethers at my house the ladies like their mixed drinks as well as the guys but there is one different the guys don't care about calories am I right ladies but we do so Skinnygirl is mixed drinks for the ladies without all those calories. so be the hostess with the mostess serve your lady friends some wonderful full flavored less calorie mix drinks and drink like a lady.below is my list of my favorites and my friends favorites what will make your favorites list       

1) SKINNYGIRL MOJITO is the latest low-cal, ready-to-serve cocktail from Skinnygirl Cocktails that combines Cruzan rum with a cool touch of citrus and mint. A summer must!
2) SKINNYGIRL SWEET 'N TART GRAPEFRUIT MARGARITA offers a refreshingly tangy twist on the original SKINNYGIRL Margarita, adding a grapefruit splash to the classic recipe of premium Silver Tequila and agave nectar
3) SKINNYGIRL MOSCATO WINE is a slightly sparkling low-cal Moscato blend with notes of pear, peach and mango for a refreshing, yet delicate sip that suits any occasion
4) SKINNYGIRL WHITE CHERRY VODKA adds a smooth and sassy cherry and vanilla splash to your cocktailing style. Serve as-is or mix with soda water for an easy, elegant summer refreshment

As always I got this free from BzzAgent but that in no way influenced my review I had in fact tried this product before getting it from BzzAgent and as always if you would like to try amazing products for free then sign up at and always remember please Do Not Drink and Drive

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