Friday, October 24, 2014

Bamboo Shopping Board Set Review

I was really shocked By These boards when they came in. First let me just say they are huge , I want you to picture in your mind how big you think these are, then add like 6-6 1/2 inches. Seriously the largest board in this set is really HUGE! The largest board is really is nice  it will be great for preparing a holiday turkey or something monstrous like that!. The smallest cutting board is a nice size its perfect for cutting fruit , veggies or any small job you need done 

 They both I would say are about an inch or so thick! So, these really are the bulkiest cutting boards I have yet to own myself! That's nice because I don't have to worry about them breaking!

They are "bamboo" and they really are very smooth and soft no rough spots, These feel really nice. And it's easy to clean up! Just a note: If your thinking of submerging these in water, please don't you may warp them! The one kinda bummer was it got some of the paper sticky stuff on it, and I was a little bummed out, but honestly it took me maybe two minutes after having soaked it in Olive oil for about twenty minutes or so and then running some hot water over it! It came off like a cinch!

Overall, these are great boards! If you do a lot of cooking and you do a fair amount of chopping you will definitely appreciate the quality of these boards. I've owned one bamboo board and it was really rough and thin as well. This is neither of those things. It looks like some love went into making these boards! Seriously! They look and feel really well made! They also add a nice touch to your kitchen I keep them out on my counter and let me tell you they really stand out and make you look like a pro. They would make a great gift. If you would like to buy this product Just Click the Amazon Image here

Both Boards

Large Board

Look  At the grain detail 

No Joints And Look At the color

Look at how big it is the top is Plexiglas about the size of a standard  Cutting board the bottom is the bamboo cutting board 

Look at how thick it is the top is a one inch thick Plexiglas the bottom is the bamboo cutting board 

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